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The South Knoxville Arts and Heritage Center
is now represented at a parallel site:
The South Knoxville Arts and Heritage Center is one of the most substantial of University Studies catalyzed projects

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The South Knoxville
Arts and Heritage Center
a nonprofit organization with a mission to strengthen Vestal and surrounding South Knoxville through education in the arts, crafts, and skills of their cultural heritage and thereby stimulating the area's economic opportunities for development.

Post Office Box 9473
Knoxville, TN 37940-0473

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check the NEWS CALENDAR and visit
The Candoro Marble Building,

former showroom for the Candoro Marble works

4450 Candora Ave., on the corner
of Candora Ave,
& Maryville Pike in
Vestal Community of South Knoxville

Vendor Registration Form
Vestival Vendor Form.doc

"a real 'community festival,' relying on neighbors to make up most of the entertainment and most of the audience. . . . if the festival has a purpose beyond reintroducing Vestal to itself, it will be to introduce Vestal to the rest of Knoxville. Read Jack Neely's MetroPulse article of May 10, 2001

    "This festival really started to kind of spruce up the community ties in the area,'' Monaco said this week. ``It's also a celebration of creativity in all of its forms. We're having art from grannies to grand masters, and music from the jet set to the Chevrolet set. We're really trying to get young people and old people together, as well as country people and city people, and get them to really get to know each other.'' Read Steve Wildsmith's Daily Times article of May 10, 2002

    "Walking Tour" of the FIRST ANNUAL ONE-TON SHOW in place at the beautiful UT Gardens on Neyland Drive. [visit the works] -- real walking tour scheduled by UT's Interdisciplinary Colloquy on Creativity for Monday, September 29th at 5:30

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