"The historic Candoro Marble Works in Vestal . . . was a marble manufacturing plant, sawing and finishing marble blocks from quarries in Knox, Blount, and Loudon Counties and imported stone from all over the world. Candoro Marble Works, located on Maryville Pike was established in 1914 by the J.J. Craig Company and is located within Vestal’s industrial area, bounded by railroad tracks. The site of the Marble Works abuts the Vestal Lumber Company, the namesake and historic employer in the community. The Marble Works became the nation’s foremost producer of Tennessee pink marble, as well as one of the largest importers of marble in the United States. Local buildings using marble from Candoro include the U.S. Post Office at 501 Main Street, the State office building at 627 Cumberland Avenue, and the interior finishes for some of the University of Tennessee buildings, all in downtown Knoxville. . . . At it’s most productive, Candoro employed 140 people, many of whom lived near the marble works."
--From Linda Snodgrass's Master's of Architecture Thesis,
“Using Historical Foundations as the Catalyst for New Growth . . ."
(August 2000, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville)