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Colloquy on Creativity
A diverse group of researchers and thinkers unified by their interest in the phenomenon of creativity meet regularly as a group under the aegis of the University of Tennessee's University Studies Program



Oct 14, 2002.

January 2002. Creativity offered to full class as Univ Stud 410/417 [website]

10.9.01 from Sandy: I'm pleased to tell you that Dr. Roger Parsons, the B. Ray Thompson, Sr. Professor in Mechanical Engineering, has agreed to join us on Oct 22nd to discuss creativity in engineering. Dr. Parsons has worked as an aerospace engineer in the early years of the manned space program, as a nuclear engineer for the Navy, and as an alternate energy systems researcher.

Dr. Parsons received the Chancellor's Citation for Extraordinary Service to the University in 1999 and The University of Tennessee National Alumni Association Outstanding Teaching Award in 1997. He is the Director of Freshman Engineering Fundamentals and one of the original team members of the ENGAGE development team. ENGAGE works with freshman engineers to encourage their success in the program. He is now principally involved in the freshman design and project laboratory.

He says, "My involvement with the freshman program is based on the belief that freshmen need attention and a reason to persevere through the challenging entry to an engineering curriculum. I want to share my understanding that engineers are creative and have fun making stuff that works."

Many thanks to the College of Engineering's webpage, which helped me construct this brief biography.

Colloquy members have frequently mentioned that we would like to include the engineer's perspective, so I hope you will be able to join us to hear a fresh voice on our deliberations.

Sept 5 2000 Note from Sandra Leach:
I hope your fall semester is off to a successful start and you are now ready to engage in some faculty development.

The Creativity Colloquy will meet on the second Monday each month this Semester. Room negotiations continue with the University Center, but I wanted to get on your calendars and will let you know locations as soon as I can. Dates are September 11, October 9, November 13, and December 11

Agenda for September 11:
scheduling classes for US 410, Perspectives in Creativity for Spring semester Please tell a colleague who might be interested about our meetings, and let me know if you have names to add to our distribution list.

Sandy and Neil; Head, AgVetMed Library; 865-974-7922; University of Tennessee, Knoxville 37996-4500

Play and the Brain WEBSITE

The 1998 offering of PERSPECTIVES ON STUDYING CREATIVITY (UNIV STUD 410) was concluded with a rich sense of gratification all around. Presentations designed for students and attended by most of the teaching team were an excellent way to inform each other at another level of our respective interests. The team resolved to offer it again next Spring. Of special interest was how students with diverse interests applied course content to their education/career paths.


CLICK here to view Rbt L. Kahn and Denis J. Prager's essay on MacArthur Foundation-facilitated interactions,
e-addresses and interests of STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBERS and PARTICIPANTS:
Martha Alligood, Professor, College of Nursing, (4/97)
Gordon Burghardt, Professor of Psychology < > (4/97)Instructor, collaborative offering of "Perspectives on Creativity" (Univ Stud 410), offered Fall, 2000
Al Burstein, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, Chair Emeritus, University Studies Program

< > (9/98)

Retired from UT, but remains active
Mark Cotter, College of Education,
< > 974-7901 (7/97)
Instructor, collaborative offering of "Perspectives on Creativity" (Univ Stud 410), offered Fall, 2000
Jo Lynn Cunningham, Professor, Department of Child and Family Studies (10/97)
Neil Greenberg, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Chair, University Studies Program (9/98); Director, Threshold Honors Project for Biological Research, (". . . Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,: she said: 'one can't believe impossible things.' 'I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.' " --Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, ch.5) and see "Creativity: A Personal View".) (4/97)
Maureen Groer, College of Nursing <>(10/97)
David Fox, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
< DJFOX@UTK.EDU > (4/97)
Katherine Greenberg, Professor of Psychoeducational Studies, Founding Director of Cognitive Enrichment Network (COGNET)>(4/97)
Karen Hand, <>(4/97)
Lawrence R. James, Professor of Management <>(4/97)
Rosa Kennedy, College of Education (<>(4/97)
Sandra Leach, Interim Head, AgVetMed Library < > or 423-974-7922Coordinator, collaborative undergraduate offering of "Perspectives on Creativity" (Univ Stud 410), offered Fall, 2000
Beauvais Lyons, Professor of ArtInstructor, collaborative undergraduate offering of "Perspectives on Creativity" (Univ Stud 410), offered Fall, 2000
Bruce MacLennan, Associate Professor of Computer Science
< > (4/97)
Instructor, collaborative undergraduate offering of "Perspectives on Creativity" (Univ Stud 410), offered Fall, 2000
Susan Metros, Professor of Art; Director Innovative Technologies CollaborativeInstructor, collaborative undergraduate offering of "Perspectives on Creativity" (Univ Stud 410), offered Fall, 2000
Wesley Morgan, Professor of Psychology
Jerry Morton,
< > (4/97)
Karl Pribram,
J P and A King University Professor, Radford University; Director, Center for Brain Research and Informational Sciences (B.RA.I.N.S.)
< > (4/97)
Morris Stein, Professor Emeritus, NYUretired from NYU, but remains an active consultant and speaker
Deborah W. Tegano
Assistant Professor of Child and Family Studiesd <> (4/97)
"Life is creative. It plays itself into existence, seeking out new relationships, new capacities, new traits. Life is an experiment to discover what's possible. As it tinkers with discovery, it creates more and more possibilities. With so much freedom for discovery, how can life be anything but playful?" --Wheatley & Kellner-Rogers, 1996 (4/97)
Richard Wisniewski, Professor of Education, Director, Institute for Educational Innovation < > (4/97)retired from UT but remains active in Seattle area

the indicated convener
or Program Chair,
Neil Greenberg 974-3599

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