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the integrative biology of behavior

RESOURCES; Navigating the website. The website is a work in progress. It is dynamic in that both pages and their interconnections are always changing. Each page is richly interlinked with other pages and with readings or links to readings. Each page resembles a blog in that I try to keep it up to date and in synch with emerging literature and thinking. An important theme is that of connections, and the biology of art and aesthetic experience is, wherever possible, connected to cultural expressions of any particular theme on which we are focusing.

There is an approximate MAP of key website topics and a GLOSSARY of specific terms that inform or are informed by the topics.

TO BEGIN a DEEP analysis of any particular behavioral pattern, we must first DEFINE or DESCRIBE that behavior as much detail as might be needed.


    DESCRIPTION -- behavior defined -- objective and mechanistic description of acts without reference to function. Cytology, morphology, morphometrics, anatomy; "structural phenotype." [more on description]

"DEEP" is more than the "essence" of a phenomenon -- it is also a mnemonic. It is an acronym aid to memory so that in your analyses of behavior you remember to ask all relevant questions. These questions are characteristic of the disciplines that converge in helping us answer questions about the causes and consequences of a behavioral trait.
Each has a specific aspect of biology as its principle target -- They ask different questions and have different methods of answering them, each appropriate to the level of organization that is being studied.
Of course the disciplines --their questions and the methods developed for answering them-- often overlap but they can often be more fully understood from the perspectives of these specific aspects of biology

CAUTION: some subjects are known to hurt your brain, if this happens, click on the nearest butterfly, relax with what's there, and start over [butterfly ?!? - the story]

the interdisciplinary eye
No topic exists in isolation: many topics at the DEEP ETHOLOGY website are linked in fairly obvious ways -- but their methods of problem solving and their insights have multiple connections with other disciplines -- when you see and eye looking around, click for examples of interdisciplinary connections.. . [interdisciplinary eye ?!? - the story]

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